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Cord Cutting Equipment

Complete guide to different equipment for cord cutting

Do you make the most of the money you spend on a cable subscription and actually watch everything it has to offer? PMD Cable has the solutions. The technological advancements of streaming services, social networking, as well as digital gaming becoming a part of our daily lives has made many of us adopt Cord Cutting. You can now ditch those traditional cable subscriptions and grab most of your content through various other platforms. Here is a detailed guide on the different equipment options that offer everything you need, including news, movies, music, and TV shows!

take back your content streaming boxes

Streaming boxes are one of the most popular options for streaming media over the internet to your television sets. Although, you have a whole bunch of choices, including The Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV, Roku and much more, what suits you the best totally depends on your specific content interests and providers.

Apple TV - Apple TV is all you need if you love to go for content from iTunes or Netflix. Although, the device doesn't come equipped with an App store, it regularly keeps getting new apps additions.

Roku - A great app store and an RF remote make Roku a nice option for heavy Netflix and Hulu users.

Amazon Fire TV - Amazon Prime members as well as those who are fond of Amazon Prime video would be delighted with the wonderful features of the Amazon Fire TV. To mention some, it has got voice search option, a Quad-core processor, an expandable storage up to 128 GB, a dedicated game controller, support for 4K content and Amazon FreeTime.

Game Consoles - Apart from delivering a joyful gaming experience, various gaming consoles, including The Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 allow you to stream content such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, WWE Network and much more.

take back your content antennas

The concept of over-the-air antennas or OTAs dates years back and has almost vanished from the modern lifestyle, cord cutting has made the innovation come into play all over again. A large number of broadcast channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and NBC are available for free if you opt for an OTA. However, you must be within a specified range that the station airs at. In fact, a lot of other channels can be viewed according to your area.

Your place of residence and distance from the different towers, the exact location of the antenna inside or outside your premises, as well as the month of the year are a few factors that may influence the kind of service you receive with antennas. Some of the most popular OTAs are Mohu Leaf Indoor, Mohu Outdoor, and Amazon Basics Ultra Thin Indoor Antenna.

take back your content Digital Video Recorders

Freedom of time is the most amazing advantage associated with Digital Video Recorders. You don't need to be glued to the screens to watch a particular show at a specific hour, instead you can record and watch the same according to your own schedule.

TiVo - The most preferred choice for DVRs is The TiVo, which works amazingly well in coordination with an antenna. The TiVo Roamio is one of the two models available out there for OTA antennas.

Tablo - Tablo allows you to directly hook your television to your home Ethernet or WiFi rather than going for an HDMI cable. A number of apps for various platforms, including Android, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and the web let the user access the antenna.

While Tablo doesn't call for any supplementary equipment to work with most of your devices as well as it is a cheaper option than TiVo, the latter is comparatively quite easy to setup.

take back your content Home NEtworking Equipment

A smooth access to the internet is a must-have element to allow a proper functioning of the concept of cord cutters. The reason behind the same is that most streaming services operate through the web and a quality network provision is what you need to make the most of cord cutters. Here's what you need to establish a good home network.

WiFi Routers - If you don't prefer hard-wiring, the rapidly increasing internet speeds of today's era call for a great quality WiFi router. Some of the popular routers include Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac and Link Archer C7.

Wired Networking - If you only need to add a few switches around the home for an already running wired network, you need to get some Gigabit Switches. Also, you can get the streaming done over an existing coax network without the need to install new wires using an Ethernet over Coax, whereas you may go for a Flat CAT6 Cable in case you want to run a wire to a particular location. Lastly, if you plan to install a brand new wired networking in the house, you need to get running wire.