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Consumers are cutting the cord at a quicker pace
November 21, 2017

Cord cutters are gaining momentum like never before. According to market researcher SNL Kagan, the pay-TV industry has lost more than a million subscribers in the last year which is four times the amount lost the previous year.

This massive exodus hasn’t hurt cable, satellite, and other pay-TV companies…yet. However, it is having a clear impact on the industry. This is largely seen as a positive for consumers who have grown tired of being pushed content and channels that they never watch.

Those who have yet to cut the cord often ask about the experiences of others. Most cord cutters have reported that with the on-demand experience they are able to watch what they want, when they want. Most services cut out commercials entirely and actually allow you to consume more content during the same amount of time. People have also reported that they tend to read more. Overall the sentiment has been, life goes on.

One of the primary advantages is that consumers are reporting watching higher quality content. People are binge watching more original content and less programming such as reality TV. Cord cutters have so many options and because of this Convergence Consulting Group reports that over 27 million U.S households have ditched pay-TV services.

One set back to making the switch is not understanding the different types of equipment, but most things like set top boxes are a one time cost.

Even sports viewing is changing. Twitter has been airing Thursday night NFL games and Yahoo streams a free MLB game every day. No longer do consumers want to pay over $100/month in many cases just to watch a few games. SlingTV offers ESPN in a 20 channel package for $20/month. Pay-TV companies understand that they cannot keep forcing non-sports viewers to subsidize the costly viewing experience of sports enthusiasts.

Cord cutting has been forcing pay-TV to introduce skinny bundles. DISH Network has introduced the Flex Pack and Comcast has already introduced a $15 skinny bundle.

Overall consumers that have cut the cord have been very happy and it has been driving change in the industry. If you want more options, better content, and a less expensive cost then ditching cable is for you.